Controlling area inconsistency when Material reversal was done

We recently faced a issue with 0CO_PC_ACT_10 datasource. For a specific period BW standard reports are showing wrong data.It is due to Cost Component split data which was extracted to BW were wrong. Upon Read more [...]

Flat File dataload automation using ABAP

Process chain File automation using ABAP Code Scenario: The ABAP program has to check whether the file exists in the provided path. If the file exists then it will trigger the process chain. Once the Read more [...]

Status of data in Bex analyzer or Status of data in Bex report

I would like to show what date status of data is showing in bex report and from where it is picking the date from. Below is the scenario for which user asked why the status of data is showing 10/03/2014 Read more [...]

Split the String at a specific position where comma exists near to string length 60.

There was a requirement to split the string at last comma which is near to string length 60 and store in infoobject and again split the rest of the string at comma which is near to string length 60. It Read more [...]

SID generation during DSO request activation

Purpose The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of SID generation during activation of DataStore (DSO) requests. Overview The topics covered here include what happens during the SID Read more [...]

Important Tables in SAP BI ( NW2004)

Listing of commonly used tables in SAP BI and to understand the way data is stored in the backend of SAP BI Listed below are some of the tables commonly used in SAP BI ( NW 2004) - however the same Read more [...]

How to access ABAP editor ,Function module editor, Data Dictionary when the Tcode SE38,se37,se11 are not authorized

In some production systems SE38,SE37,SE11 tcodes are not unauthorized. But in certain situations we need to access those tcodes for providing production support. Solution : 1.Go to ST22. 2. Read more [...]

The 60 Character Restriction for BW Data Models

The topic has been mentioned many times. I'm NOT providing any new solution here. This blog is merely aggregating existing pieces of information in a single place. SAP Library Here are links to the documentation Read more [...]

ABAP: Writing Infopackage Routine

ABAP: Writing Infopackage Routine Scenario: Do you think writing ABAP codes in SAP BW is difficult? If yes think again, because i am going to explain each of the scenario's where ABAP coding will be Read more [...]

How to Make Released Transport back to Modifiable

SCENARIO: We did some changes and collected it in transport. Now this is released for transport. We found that there is something else left or change to be done we ideally end up collecting it in other Read more [...]